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cycle of naught (CD)


CD (Jewel Box in Slipcase), Album, Cold Dimensions, released: 07.08.2015

"cycle of naught" is awe-inspiring life-bulimia!

With their second full length release enigmatically entitled “cycle of naught” Weird Fate drastically changed and created their own musical microcosm in nowadays Extreme Metal domain containing their
strongest, emotionally diverse and stylistically most wide-ranging material up to date.

Weird Fate question the boundaries of formal and stylistic rigidity merging Extreme Metal with avantgardistic elements into a massive and devastating listening experience. “cycle of naught” creates unsettling tension which at times dissolves into atmospheric tranquility.
Although assembling in six separate musical movements, “cycle of naught” counters culture industries need for irrelevancy with 45 minutes of well-chosen music thought to be listened to in the old fashioned way ‒ uncut!

Vocal guest appearances of Kraal (Membaris) and Jules (Obscure Infinity) and a puissant sound finish this highly recommended listen.